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Welcome to the Corporate Presentation by J. Reents & Partner,                                                                       
The Business Development Company !

My name is Jörg Reents , I am the founder and owner of the company.
If you do not know us yet, so I invite you cordially to get to know us a little bit on these pages.

This presentation only can and should give you a first impression about us.
Detailed information and a quote for our services , we give you love and without obligation
at a first telephone call or during my visit to your company.

In our business, every job is individual, just as an architect designed each building individually .
However, we have successfully developed since the company's inception in 1992, the concepts and methods that have proven successful in many cases .
The experience of more than 30 years export marketing , we want to make available to you .

You're probably an entrepreneur or export manager and wish to export your products to Germany, Austria and Switzerland ?

Then I would like to invite in particular to view our sites and to get in touch with us, because to be a manufacturer´s  representative here in Germany it is our most growing service.
We can introduce your products into the German and other EU markets, if there is a serious demand. To find out that, we can help you as well.

If we are sure, that the demand is big enough, than we are ready to be your representative, or we are the right company to look for the right (experienced) representative here in Germany.
So please contact us as early as possible, so we can support you with your export strategies and roll out !                                              

Sincerely yours

Jörg Reents

J. Reents & Partner
The Business Development Company

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